A year in Australia – introduction and preliminary plans

Hello everyone,

this is my very first blog post that I am writing on this page, so I thought I would start off with a brief introduction, including my plans for the year. Although, I haven’t booked my flight back yet, since I feel that it’s a bit early to take that decision already. What if I only want to stay for 6 months, or what if I would like to try to get another working holiday year, or perhaps continue my journey elsewhere? One year from now simply feels like a life time. We will see! Since I’m usually a bit of a control freak it is also a bit scary to not really know how things are going to turn out, but I try to look at it as an interesting challenge!


Anyway, who am I?

My name is Maria and I am 28 (soon 29) years old. I come from Finland but I am a part of the Swedish speaking minority of the country; a Swedish speaking Finn. I like photography, most animals, intercultural encounters, blogging, being in the nature and the small beautiful things in life. I have studied German language as well as some tourism and intercultural communication. In 2011 I did my exchange studies for roughly 4 months in Regensburg, Germany, and in 2014 and 2015 I was living in Tenerife during a few periods, in total I spent almost a year on that beautiful island.

In my blog – www.mariasmemoarer.com – you can read all about that, and also about other trips as well as photography and my life in Finland. My blog is in Swedish, but you can always use google translate and recently I have also started to write a short summary in the end of some of my blog posts. Or you can simply enjoy my pictures – a picture doesn’t need language! 🙂

Why am I going to Australia?

I graduated last winter and I started to consider my options. I realized that there is not much work in the area where I live at the moment, and I also realized that if I ever want to do a working holiday in Australia, now would probably be the time, since they have an age limit for that Visa. I have also had a stressful year, so I am hoping that I will sort of rediscover myself and gain some more self confidence during my time Down Under.

What is my plan?

I am starting off in Melbourne, where I will try to find a job and work for perhaps 2-3 months. After this I will continue up the East Coast and just do some traveling and exploring. I will probably do some more work in between, and finally end up in the Cairns area. My exact plans are a bit loose, I think I will figure it out on the way, and perhaps
I will also find some travel company to join. But for now, I am going to Australia all by myself. Anyway, I did draw some sort of map of how I would like to travel, as you can see below:

route of Australia, working holiday and backpacking
Just some preliminary ideas of my main route as well as some possible “side projects”. The green dots show where I might want to live for a bit longer period and perhaps also work. The dotted lines with an arrow show the additional places I might want to visit, perhaps Tasmania, Adelaide, the Center, Darwin and Papua New Guinea might be interesting?

I hope you want to follow my journey! I am planning to update this blog at least once or twice a month – in the meanwhile you can also follow me on my own blog (Marias Memoarer) as well as my instagram account (@mariasmemoarer). I also have my own Facebook page that you can follow for blog updates, or Bloglovin if you prefer that. And don’t hesitate to contact me if  you happen to be in the same place as me and would like a new friend! 🙂

See You Later, Alligator! (how cheesy of me)


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